Hello! I'm Shawna. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer living in Duluth, Minnesota.

I love each and every mile of our sweet water sea.

I'm fueled by bottomless coffee and healthy pours of red wine. 

I'm in love with overflowing bookshelves and all things green and breathing

(however hard to keep alive).

 I am an avid list maker who understands the importance of rolling with the punches 

(like trying to remember the grocery list when you've left it on the counter).

I tend to attract clients who appreciate beauty and details and human interaction

but are laid-back, go-with-the-flow sorts of people. 


I fell in love with photography years ago, and our love affair grows stronger by the day.

I am obsessed with learning about the humans I share this earth with;

how they interact with each other, what is important to them.

It makes me giddy every time I get a laugh out of someone.

With my camera I'm allowed a very personal glimpse into another's life.

I get to preserve for them everything from the most important to the (seemingly) mundane.

I consider my job a sacred right that is earned

through opening up to strangers and telling terrible jokes. 


  It's easy to let the important details be swallowed up.

Luckily, photography allows me some small magic. 

Im allowed the power of freezing time and conjuring up memories.

I'm the lucky wife of a handsome (globally published!) poet,

the mother of one old cat, two rescue pups,

 a stormy three-year-old boy and a mischievous one-year-old girl.

Our tiny hillside house is bursting at the seams,

but we have a view of Lake Superior that keeps us rooted in our place.